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Day Twenty Four. What next?


So, it's time to leave. 

i spent the day touring Santiago.  I didn't go to Finesterre ("the end of the world") because rain was predicted there.   I'll visit there next time!

I spent several hours at the Cathedral for the third straight day, specifically to pray over each of the petitions I brought, and those who sent me some online.   And then I placed them all at the foot of the tomb before the remains of St James.   Mission accomplished.

It is clear to me that the pilgrimage hasn't really ended.  I just have to figure out the direction of the next turn.

I'm very grateful to have had the company of those who followed this blog.  You made the road less lonely, and more meaningful.  Thank you for that gift. 

And for all of us, all pilgrims walking together towards the answer...  buon Camino! 



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