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I'll be using this space from time to time to share my reflections and thoughts on various topics.  Please feel free to add to the conversation by writing some reaction in the COMMENT section! 






By purest chance I was out on our street when the kindergarten bus rumbled past going slow and I looked up just as all seven kids on my side of the bus looked at me and I grinned and they lit up and all this crap about God being dead and where is God and who owns God and who hears God better than whom is the most egregiously stupid crap imaginable because if you want to see God and have God see you and have this mutual perception be completely untrammeled by blather and greed and comment, go stand in the street as the kindergarten bus murmurs past. I’m not kidding and this is not a metaphor.  I am completely serious.  Everyone babbles about God but I saw God this morning just as the bus slowed down for the stop on Maple Street.  God was six girls and one boy with a bright green stegosaurus hat.  Of course God would wear a brilliantly colored tall dinosaur hat!  If you were Imagination that dreamed up everything that ever was in this blistering perfect terrible world, wouldn’t you wear a hat celebrating some of the wildest most amazing developments?

Brian Doyle

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