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POEM SHARE: Where No One Seeks


Where no one seeks

I saw God in the dancing dapple of the sidewalk poplar.

In the bone-warming heat of day

Wafted cool by a considerate breeze

Branch and leaf cast jiggling patterns

Shimmering shuddering shaking shapes

Of light more light less light dark more dark less dark

(how to describe the transfixing tremens of these shadows?)



Here holy hidden

In such an underfoot scene.


A don’t-mind-if-you-tread-on-me God

Below-your-gaze, out-of-sight-out-of-mind God

Epiphany-God, who hides where the garbage bags lie

Where pigeons bob and peck and shimmer pinkpurplegreen-grey

Where city dogs sniff and pee


Where no one seeks

But occasionally someone finds.

Anna Bosatta May 2018

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